This site was last attacked Aug 01, 2005 (11.58PM EST)

August 03 2005 - Once again someone has went all out!!!ut I just got a wicked e-mail from Frédéric Thierry who happens to operate www.vieartificielle.com

August 02 2005 - Well hopefully by now all the images are properly loading into their spots/galleries, as I have being busy working on new projects for TheMatrixOnline, and setting up this new Site. This is where you will find all new Roboraptor/Pet information I happen to obtain while on the internet or on my own, if I happen to buy themSend your comments to knitsu@gmail.com and i;ll be sure to get back to you asap.

Myself and Others are Seeking Robosapien/Robopet/Roboraptor/ and potential future RSv2 Videos for upcomming BIOGRAPHY on Mark W. Tidlen. Videos should be in “High Format” DV Tape, MPEG Video... any comments on sending the documents email myself or I shall pass on to the person I am talking to right now

Degers Roboraptor got a little antzy while in the bathroom making a mess with the TP !!

August 01 2005 - Welcome to “Evo-Raptor” the 2nd domain I(knitsu)maintain. This site will be dedicated to RoboRaptor & RoboPet , more of RoboRaptor.  Just so my original site w/ m y hacks does not get all clustered up.

Just got pictures from
JustB, featuring Roboraptor and RoboPet.

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Here is Mayson 1 RS collection, greeting his RoboRaptor that he got!!


Click Pinkster image to see her roboraptor internatal pictures

Link here to download the Roboraptor video staring creator Mark Tilden: CLICK HERE