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Other News

A dumping ground for interesting robot and technology news bits and random musings.

[09-08-2007] - The i-SOBOT just hit Amazon!  I preordered one of these amazing little humanoid robots today myself. Itís only 6.5 inches high and weighs only 3/4 of a pound.  Itís funny, scriptable, and as agile and articulated as the far more expensive Robo-one series. On the amusing side of A.I. technology I came across the Samsung refrigerator, which was obviously designed for me. Using RFID technology, it tells you when your inventory levels of various foodstuffs is low and can even message you a grocery list with the needed items! It has a built-in recipe database too. For those of you that have been asking questions about how to shoot good robot videos, Iíve put up a page that shares my minimal knowledge about doing a good Camcorder test before shooting.  Itís not a real tutorial or anything, but it should help with the most glaring errors that can happen while making videos.



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