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Evosapien Experts Team


List of Experts


This our current team of Robosapien Hacks Experts. Each expert has their own Expertís Corner. Click on the Expertís name to go to their corner.

  • Nocturnal

    Appreciated by the entire hacker community for his extensive Robosapien V2 Hackerís guide; which includes pin-outs and diagrams of all the key parts and electronics in the Robosapien V2.  If you are going to modify or hack your Robosapien V2 then you must see this guide! Update: Nocturnal has a completely revamped robot pages using a new content management system.  Visit the new Nocturnal team section now!
  • RobosapienV2-4mem8

    A wizard with a soldering gun and an idea, no WowWee robot is safe from the curious mind of RobosapienV2-4mem8.  Check out his extensive internal overview of the Roboquad, his wheeled mobile platform mod for the Robosapien V2 , and other cool hacks.
  • Robert Oschler (roschler)

    Lead programmer on the Open Source Robosapien Dance Machine project.  Primary area of expertise is creating software to make Mark Tildenís robots do strange and unique things.
  • Chance Brown (Knitsu)

    Hardware and software hacks. Author of the notorious PC-Sound Jack-PocketPC-IR hack. Technically our first expert ever. He is well known throughout the Robosapien community for his creative and daring hacks and for his inside connections to the WowWee robotic toys world.
  • RoBBoTT

    Robbottís specialty is tricking out Robosapienís with cool custom neon mods, like wraparound glow stick tubing. (He also likes to fire dance which you can see in his ultra-wicked video, along with a dancing neon trimmed Robosapien!)
  • Sprocket2Cog

    An elite Roboraptor hacker and was the first ever to modify the Mini Roboraptor, he is also a frequent visitor of the Evosapien forum.  If you visit the forum, you are more than likely to get a detailed and helpful answers from him.
  • BinaryAngel

    Talented machine vision software designer he has made available a version of his latest software which locates objects in a room and tags them.  You can visit his section and download the software now and see itís impressive capabilities.  He also has programmed a machine learning framework which he intends to publish as well.
  • PCPhobic

    A frequent contributor of mod tutorials, pictures, and videos. Be sure to take a look at his superbly illustrated LED mod, especially if you are having trouble with your Robosapien V2 recognizing objects in rooms with low light conditions.
  • Marcus

    A avid Robosapien V2 modder with his own LED light hack, a hack that mounts an MP3 player for portable robot tunes, and a wireless camera hack that uses an infrared extender to achieve true mobility. Complete with pictures and notes you can follow so you can do these hacks yourself on your own robot.
  • Robotech

    Known for his warranty friendly LED hack that adds a Robosapien V2 vision enhancement lighting solution that does not involved invasive surgery on your robot.  He also has pictures and videos of his robot and has added a very slick wireless camera hack tutorial of his own.
  • Jamie Samans

    Author of the popular Robosapien guide book, ď
    The Robosapien Companion: Tips, Tricks, and HacksĒ, Jamie was one of the first hackers ever to add a wireless camera to his Robosapien V1 robot. He is also a frequent writer of articles for Servo Magazine, and was the winner of the first ďHack-A-SapienĒ contest ever held by that magazine.



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