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This site was last updated: January 08 2005

WINNER #1 Kevin Read ====> Robosapien News, featuring, Roboraptor, V1 and Kitty
(Mp4 Format) QUICKTIME REQUIRED...Winner of Evosapien first Wow Wee Contest
Click the image to watch the video =============================>>>>>>

Click Here to goto my latest V2 hack, in which I tap into Robospaien eye and test various Colors and LED UBLED  to see which ones are best in his eyes, without midification to the Facial Mask which is Dark Purple and helps prevent Sunlight and other blights interfere with the IR Codes from the Controller

November 02 2005 ===? Lots of news.. where to start.....   I am moving my website... more details below labelled Regarding WebSite Updates...

I and many other have happened to receive their V2, both Sharper Image and a few regular white ones right now, for people who placed orders month’s ago, or help bring this society together and keep it alive....................... by now,  so you could only guess, their would be hacks comming, so Bas, owner of has created a hack for all us Rechargable Battery operated Robotic Hackers...  this hack  adding some addition weight in strips to the bottomg battery case, to make up for the weight loss in the batteries compared to regular 1 tpye use, disposable battery..... Click here to goto his website.....

Robosapien pet has created a Cheat Sheet for hackers, which is similar to mark tildens designing,  however has the Hex iR Codes to control RSv2. so  dont pull out your ossiliscopes just yet, as the first master crack has being completes,

I have a Fresh Photo gallery below V2 pictures I have taken below , let alone New Video’s so go check it out!!!!! theirs alot

Videos!!!!!    Ahhh Yes  you couldnt think about it, what their video... well here’s even more...  in the past week I have happen to do many things with my robot,  most of them experimental...  and something of them very covert op youcould say.... Check out my latest videos

Regarding WebSite Updates... In a few weeks I will be moving to a new website... I have decided to goto a Solarbotics, web domain, for my company, where I will continie my Wow Wee hacks,  and start learning more about robotics, in different aspects in BEAM, aswell as other Bi-Ped robots. This Website will still be able to be viewed at this exact web address, as it will be kept here for ‘reference’ to the  hacks I have already createdI will still be on the Wow Wee community like Evosapien and and hope to see things  build and prosper like some people have here, even for you senior robotic people or just know a thing or ‘three’ know a thing or two about robot’s  ;-) thanks for being their without your help, where would it begin... 
     The Contest will  continue to go on this website, until I am completly 100% fully updated onto the new website...
any comments please email  ====>   knitsu@

RSv2 Water Bottle Test (500 ML)  pickup, throw, operationg. ==== Results.... After a 261 ML bottled water was picked up, after about every several times (6-7) he would properly grasp it in his hands, ofcourse in the right spot. after doing my Manual pickup command which I glitch the “Arm Side Low Pick Up Command, to make his body more lowered then you can on the controller, then press stop. and start manually trying to pick it up with the controller and hands/hip rotation...  remeber they have alot of twist on him.. Back Forward/ Left Right,  just odnt lean back past the ‘ Limit”   thats  where it cuts off and you cant go pasto n the regular controller,  and you have to start over

Click here to download the 5 MB WMV Movie File of V2 operating with a half bottle of water, by picking it up, placing it on the ground right up, and also throwing it

October 20th 2005 - Ok Well their is a Evosapien Contest, 2 of them Actually, so head over their (click here) and see what their all about, and good luck to you all!!!

I happen to get a few things from Mark Tilden a few days ago. One being a signed RS shell, and another one, (green) signed to me from Him, saying thanks... I guess for all the help I do for the community, as I do really try to keep the news right hot and fresh!!!!















 Click Here to Watch Video or Download (5 mb)
RS V2 Video Lazer Pointer  with Kitty Video
hopping arounf the walls and floor making the cat play a little race on the red lazer beam ;-)

Click Here to Watch Video or Download (5 mb)RS V2 X2 =oThis time, both Robosapiens get an interaction together watch them do routines together or even React to each other and to RoboRaptor...

This Cheat sheet, he meantions placing on the front of your Controller or better yet, tatoo it on your arm!!!!  So Check it out, it’s a really coool Snap... I placed it in the V2 section of my website, or just click here to see it....

More hacking is being done right now, but more code will be in the works, but I am currently caught up with some other work right now

My Evosapien Robot Crew, had the chance of meeting RSv2 up close and person, by did they have fun, not to mention my kitty (mushroom) got in the action to, check out the pic’s below

October 13 - 2005 - Well Guess who’s back with a brand new update??? thats right me, well we got some new news about RSv2 and also a new video, from an e-mail Mark Tilden sent me while he was down in China checking out the production line and how it is going.... it’s the first clip on the video, the rest are all videos from different sites and such. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO (QUICK TIME REQUIRED)In Other news, I emailed Tilden yesterday to ask about batteries, as it’s a bigtopic right now in the forum, he confirmed that RSv2 will be using alot of batteries, this is what he had to say

RS2 runs on 6 x D for the motors, and 4 x AAA for the "brains", and 3 x AAA for the controller.  His average operating time depends on how you use him, but averages about 6 hours (4 hours if he does a lot of dancing, 14 hours if he just sits on the side of a desk following you around).”           - M.W.Tilden (Wow Wee Robotics) He also had a few other things to meantion.....As for exposure, RS is in a lot of things we can't keep track of.  MadTV was the funniest so far.  I saw him in a Rolex ad as the model.Kinda kewl that as a kultural ikon, he keeps rolling on.”
So Mad TV, ROLEX, and I happen to See Robosapien and Roboraptor on a Ford FUSION car commericial on Daily Planet!!!!  Not to meantion soon RS will be on Donald Trumps the Apprentice.....









October 05 2005 - Well their some new video out from and they made 2 videos. The first video Saying Hello, and what I like to call a Little Matrix Physics into his motion/dance. The second video clip happens to be called Rise of the Robot, and we can all take a guess what that means ;-) I have posted my own clip from clip’s and such from their site here ==>
but goto their webiste and check out all the better quality video/audio, pictures, 360 Rotate, or heck even to pre-order one!  Click here to goto their site...

Other then that Ken68 from Toronto Ontario Canada has modified his RoboPet he picked up from Sears, for 114.99 to make it more acceptible to controlling via his remote from behind him, as his only IR Detector is facing infront, and nothing points behind.  He has also just revently modified a light in it which goes on and off.

I have taken the time to start modding my Robsapien #3 which I call Thing3,  So far I have added 2 switches, one which toggles on/off his audio, and another which toggles his BX-24 Chip and IR-Out pin in his head, for configuring with the BX-24 Chip or any MicroProcessor cabable of coding ‘macros’ of the IR Codes for RS. I hope to hack him more with lights and independent sensors.

As well as find some possible ways to create a BEAM technolgy onto RS for greater coontrolling, so I can let the chip do more advanced functions, in prep for RSv2, ie: CMU Camera, Wireless RF or BlueTooth etc... My Ramb Board which holds my BX-24 Chip on RS is removable on my new one and easily allow me to put it back on the other with just plugging in a wire.  I hope to get a DIP for my old RS soon, so I can easily just throw in a pre programmed chip I made on my Dev kit or swap with the Ramb board one... depending on what program I am using....                comments (e-mail finally back up, srry late responses)

September 25- 2005 - Ok well I have taken the time to  take pictures of all 3 PCB of my Robosapien’s as each of them have different PCB, but all the connectors and wire colors are all the same only slight things have being modified I guess in ways to make RS less returnable to the Wow Wee corporation, even though they only had less then 1% return back which is great,   their is always to lower the return rate, and Wow Wee is doing a great job of it, keep it up. Click Here to see my Comparison Page of Robosapien, also send me your RS PCB For Comparison

September 23 - 2005 = Well not that much to keep you  up about, I think RSv2  release date has being upped to November 1st in the UK which means that will only delay the North American release. in other weird new I noticed the currency for Canadian to Australia has dropped alot, so I might pick up a RSv2 from down their depending on their price of it, compared to UK  price.  I recommend the same for any Canadian out their, I got a few new videos of Rsv2 from other web sites and also new pictures but have not had time to post all them yet,  hopefully soon

Right now I am battling strept throat and took my first official Sick day  at Solarbotics, and hope to feel better by Monday.

I also got a new updated version of RS off ebay made in 2005 that has alot of changes internally since the original, pretty interesting piece of work I would say

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Wow Wee 2006 Robot Line is out.. CLICK HERE to check out my page about it, which will constantly be updated to show users t he new pictures, or videos t hat might come out!!! Wow Wee has their own Software NOW!! YaY!!!!

Click Here to watch Mark Tilden, V2, Roboraptor on the Gadget Show  10mb    4:42 Min

This is what you get when you get 2 RSv2’s with fresh batteries, Robopet, Roboraptor,  and 3 V1’s  all in the same room, fighting over what to watch on the TV!!!

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