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This site was last updated: January 08 2005

Sept 10 - 2005


I plan on adding a Projects section kind of like a blog just write notes and let everyone know what I am up to...


Right now I currently have to see what is up with my Sharp sensor, as it is not taking proper readings and that is making me sad, so I will have to pick up some more later, probably from a Robotic company here in Calgary,


I also plan on using the RM2/3 Motor’s replacement from Solarbotics to enhance Robosapien Walking speed  to see how it reacts, aswell as replace it for the arms, and later add strong springs in the hand to possibly pick up heavier objects.


This will all help me in preperation for Robosapien V2 and his hand, as we have heard recently that he will not be able to pick up a full can of “pop or “soda”

Look back in a week or two on this site to see the updates



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Wow Wee 2006 Robot Line is out.. CLICK HERE to check out my page about it, which will constantly be updated to show users t he new pictures, or videos t hat might come out!!! Wow Wee has their own Software NOW!! YaY!!!!

Click Here to watch Mark Tilden, V2, Roboraptor on the Gadget Show  10mb    4:42 Min

This is what you get when you get 2 RSv2’s with fresh batteries, Robopet, Roboraptor,  and 3 V1’s  all in the same room, fighting over what to watch on the TV!!!

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