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1 - One of the big secrets is that in PROGRAM MODE the motions of all motor functions move proportionally to the number of transmitted pulses from the TX.  If you hold the right joystick, you'll see the multicolor LED flash about 4 times a second. For something like the shoulder action you have to hold this for seven pulses to hit the limit.  The advantage is that this is stored as ONE STEP in the program modes. This allows him to move very quickly for short 1 and 2 pulses, or allows for synced motions between different actions (like arm and shoulder) up to 400 instructions (see below).

The actual IR transmission stream (right joystick) is more like 20
times a second, but this is divided down in the robot's actions. This
means any computer based I/R transmitter sending out a precise sequence
of control pulses following "GAIT CHANGE/RESET" will allow repetitive
upper body actions to centimeter precision.

2 - Program Steps: Positional programs can store up to 20 positions (press "x" under a program mode to store a positional program as a single call), and they can be linked under each SOUND or VISON program modes up to 20 steps each, which can be linked into the MAIN program mode up to 20 steps, for a maximum total of 20 x 20 x 20 or 8,000 positional program steps from a single "by your command".

Normal operation maximums are 400 steps, which can be broken down into a wide variety of combined routines.  The RS2s shortest programable step is the GET-UP command (S3-STOP) which is very handy for time testing program patterns.

3 - Conditional Programming: If your SOUND PROGRAM MODE and VISON PROGRAM MODE are empty, then when they are linked into the MAIN PROGRAM MODE, they will act as CONDITIONAL STOPS in your main program flow. A SOUND call will make the program stop and wait for a clap, a VISION call will make him stop and wait for a close object in front of his face.  When these are triggered, he will carry on with the main program.

So for example, it's quite easy to enter a scripted fighting routine under SOUND PROGRAM (a few karate chops and maybe a push or two) and with an empty VISION PROGRAM MODE, he'll attack anything that comes in front of him with the following program.

       S1-S2-STOP "program cleared"
       Right Chop
       Left Chop

       S1-S2-STOP "program cleared"

(repeat these last two 9 times)

Mixing and matching the links with some of his personality actions, and he'll do a scene for you.And yes, the karate chops are designed to bonk RS1s right on the noggin.

4 - A bit of tape over his speaker grill will reduce his volume significantly, though he will sound like he's talking through a telephone.

5 - The reason for VISON and SONIC shutdown modes ("a" and "b") is so he won't scream while you hack his head.

A flat screwdriver will pop the back head panel off for easy access to his socketed sensor panel.  The head can be opened without having to dismantle the entire robot and the eye LED mechanism can be removed as a single piece. The head does contain enough room and power to mount a variety of pan-and tilt vision systems. Which would be kewl.

6 - RS2's hands were specifically designed to pick up empty soda and beer cans.  We originally wanted him to carry full cans but his hand strength would have been harmful (reason why we put in "Get your own drink"), so he can now carry things up to 120 grams, or about half a full soda can.

Other things he's good at getting are cartons, water bottles, and 120th scale Gundams (for some strange reason).

7 - To get RS2 to stand still for long periods (days), just put something out of reach in front of him.  His slowly blinking eyes will train on it and he'll never turn off or go into his comedy routines. Useful for quiet development time.

8 - Where can I store his remote control when he's sleeping?

9 - "Body Snapshot": Pose the robot into a position needed for aligning against a wall, pushing, or grabing. Enter any of the three PUPPET PROGRAM modes like "c", then press the toes in any pattern until he says "ok".  On PUPPET MODE playback, he will briefly return to that original SNAPSHOT pose at the end of each walking action.

So getting him to pull cable with a gesture to take up the slack, for example, is a snap.

10 - The vision system is a 56mHz DSP doing all the color-blob image processing. It has a USB port.


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